We alert you when your Name, Email, Username, Password, IP, Mailing Address, Phone Number or other sensitive data is leaked

AmIBreached enables consumers and organizations to Identify, Prioritize and Mitigate Darkweb Risks

Why AmIBreached?

Prevent Account Takeovers

Detects compromised passwords in a timely manner so that you can minimize account takeover attacks using compromised credentials.

Fraud Detection

Leverage Cyble® cyber intelligence data sets to identify possible identity fraud. Obtain exposure-based risk score and take appropriate mitigation measures against potential threats.

Extensive Data Sets

AmIBreached is consistently adding to our billions of darkweb and deepweb records. Many of these are unique to Cyble enabling us to rapidly identify when your data is leaked.

Integrity and Security

Cyble is an industry leader in darkweb and cybercrime monitoring and mitigation. When we know your threat, you will know too. We are also uniquely qualified to identify, classify, and maintain sensitive data.

Leverage Power Integrations

Query the Cyble® dataset programmatically for use in your own applications with our feature rich, fast, and powerful API.

Let Us Show You, How It All Works

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