Attack Surface Monitoring

Neutralise Exposure Before Threat Actors Sneak Through Digital Assets

Conduct routine scans to discover and combat threats targeting vulnerabilities in your Web and Mobile applications, cloud devices, Domains, Email servers, IoT devices, and Public code repositories.

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Detect, Identify, Classify, and Prioritize External Threats Targeting your Digital Assets.

Cybercrime intelligence
Eliminate Digital Risks
Be notified of critical vulnerabilities

Identify internet-exposed assets before they act as unauthorized entry points for hackers.

Validate threats heard on the grapevine
Eliminate Blind Spots
Secure rogue/orphaned internet-exposed IT assets

Identify and disable shadow IT assets and other previously unknown assets.

Detect and Respond to Data Exposure
Gain a comprehensive overview of sensitive data

Determine the impact of data breaches or misconfigurations of your cloud storage.

Leave no footprints for TAs To misuse your digital assets