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UBAI, UAE, March 17, 2022: Cyble, an AI-powered, Y Combinator-backed Cyber Threat Intelligence firm, has partnered with Gulf IT Distribution, a leading Cybersecurity distributor in the region.

This comes in the wake of Cyble’s extremely successful Series A funding of USD 10 Million, as Cyble looks to expand its offerings and research capabilities, emphasizing AI, ML and expanding its global footprint.

This partnership combines Cyble’s world-class cyber threat intelligence solutions and services suite with Gulf IT Distribution’s established credentials as a premier cybersecurity distributor in the Middle East.

The COVID19 pandemic has seen a manifold increase in cybersecurity incidents across the globe. The Middle East, in particular, has been impacted by various cybersecurity challenges. As a strategic region from both a geopolitical and geographic standpoint, critical infrastructure and businesses in the Middle East are increasingly lucrative targets for threat actors across the globe, whether they are motivated by political ideology or by financial gain.

Gulf IT Distribution is a trusted advisor across the middle east region, spanning enterprises, financial institutions, and government entities via its innovative cybersecurity solutions and services portfolio. These offerings are widely recognized in the region as being best-in-class and market-leading in every regard.

“As we embark an exciting journey to accelerate our offerings and commitment to the region with our Series A announcement, the future lies in having a strong network of trusted partners who will complement the efforts that Cyble Middle East and our existing distribution and channel network have pitched in so far,” said Shenoy Sandeep, Regional Director – META at Cyble. “With the leadership direction of Abdul Rahaman, and backed by a seasoned and reputed team of sales and technical task force, I am positive that Gulf IT Distribution and Cyble’s goals will be well aligned on what we both want to bring to the region, making them an ideal partner for us in this endeavor.”

Cyble’s focus on Early Threat Detection and Intervention will allow Gulf IT Distribution to provide proactive cybersecurity solutions to its partners and client base. Cyble’s commitment to the region is well-known through its dedicated team of analysts who monitor cybercrime activity across the Middle East.

“Gulf IT is a well-established name in the region and is affiliated with some of the most prestigious firms, governmental entities, and brands in the Middle East”Mandar Patil– International Markets and Customer Success, stated, “It was an obvious choice to partner with Gulf IT to ensure that Cyble’s globally competitive cybersecurity offerings would reach these entities in the region in a timely, accurate and actionable format.”

Gulf IT Distribution Managing Partner Abdul Rahaman also weighed in on the partnership, “Navigating the business landscape is tricky these days. Rapid economic and technological changes have made it imperative for us to reimagine business modules and adapt to these changes. Being able to foresee market trends and customer requirements is vital to doing business successfully in this challenging economic climate.” He said, further adding, “In my opinion, companies that fail to create new solutions or new products and services wouldn’t make the cut in an already crowded market. This is why we have formed strong allies with key technology vendors like Cyble to offer our channel partners innovative and differentiated solutions, which address the challenges faced by their customers.”

A partnership with Cyble will further enhance Gulf IT’s end-to-end security offerings to its vast and prestigious client base. This will help Cyble expand its strategic presence in the region as well.

“The Middle East is a critical area of focus for us and the cybersecurity industry as a whole,” Beenu Arora, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyble, added. “Given the sheer scale of the market and the rapid adoption of new technologies in the Middle East, Gulf IT Distribution is uniquely positioned to help deliver our combined cybersecurity capabilities to key strategic customers in the region.”

Recently awarded the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for “The Best Cybersecurity Startup,” Cyble is uniquely positioned to meet Gulf IT Distribution’s specific cybersecurity needs. Gulf IT’s affiliates and partners will also benefit from Cyble’s comprehensive Brand Monitoring capabilities, which offer a unified view of one’s digital platforms to manage any reputational risks.

Cyble has been recognized throughout the industry as a leader in the Darkweb Monitoring space. By empowering Cyble customers and partners with real-time monitoring of their darkweb footprint, Cyble gives them actionable intelligence on any incidences of leaked credentials, indicators of compromise, Threat Actor activities, and evolving cyber risks.

In the face of large-scale cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure and major entities, Cyble has launched Cyble Hawk – a dedicated platform to assist Law Enforcement and Governmental entities with their specific cybersecurity needs. This is particularly relevant in the light of growing ICS attacks and outright acts of cyber warfare being witnessed at a larger frequency and scale.

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