Leadership Team

Meet Our Problem Solvers

Our team has been formed by bringing together some of the most technically perceptive minds in cybersecurity. We are passionate about our craft and keen on providing guidance solutions to our customers at every opportunity.

Beenu Arora
Co-founder, CEO, and Member of Forbes Technology Council
Manish Chachada
Co-founder, COO, and Member of Forbes Business Council
Richard Sands
General Manager - North America
Mandar Patil
Vice President International Market and Customer Success
Rishi Mehta
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Vijay Sethi
Cyble Advisor
Maxim Mitrokhin
Sales Director (SEA, GRC, Korea and Japan) & Channel – APAC
Thomas Siah
Head of Business Development – APAC
James Thornton
Regional Director Sales and Customer success
Tim Youm
Regional Sales Director – Australia & New Zealand
Ruchir Verma
Regional Sales Director- South India and Srilanka
Shenoy Sandeep
Regional Director - Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META)
Arnab Chakraverty
Product Director
Dhanalakshmi PK
Director Malware and Intelligence Research
Sahil Sharma
Director Research and Development
Ankit Sharma
Client Solution Architect
Mehul Chachada
Senior Engineering Lead
Mayank Bamniyal
Legal Advisor