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Cyble provides capabilities for customers to manage cyber risks with AI powered actionable threat intelligence. We are specialists in gathering intelligence across the Deepweb, Darkweb and the Surface Web.
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Our founders and senior leadership are comprised of thought–leaders across the Cybersecurity industry.

Cyble’s leadership has some of the brightest minds in the industry with decades of Cybersecurity experience working with Fortune 500 firms, MSMEs and even Government entities. They have frequently been recognized by leading media outlets and industry awards for their extensive contribution to the industry.
Beenu Arora
Co-founder, CEO & Member of Forbes Technology Council
Manish Chachada
Co-founder, COO & Member of Forbes Business Council
Mandar Patil
Senior Vice President International Market and Customer Success
Mahesh Vandi Chalil
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Dipesh Ranjan
Senior Vice President-Global Growth & Partnership
Kaustubh Medhe
Vice President of Research & Threat Intelligence
Thomas Siah
AVP - Customer Success
Richard Sands
Chief Information Security Officer
Dhanalakshmi PK
AVP - Malware & Intelligence Research
Amar Myana
Head of Product - ODIN
Arnab Chakraverty
Senior Director - PMO
Siddesh Gurusidappa
Director of Engineering
Vivek Sharma
Regional Sales Director India & South Asia
Ahmad Faurani
Regional Sales Director - Malaysia
Toshifumi Matano
Regional Sales Director - Japan
Shenoy Sandeep
Regional Sales Director - Middle East, Turkey, & Africa (META)
Ismail Kazi
Regional Sales Manager - KSA
Coy Peterman
Regional Sales Manager, Midwest Region, United States
Ankit Sharma
Director of Global
Vijay Sethi
Cyble Advisor
Mayank Bamniyal
Head of Legal
Venkatesh Theagarajan
Senior Manager
HR Operations
Sonali Taneja
Senior Manager
Talent Acquisition
Rajashakher Intha
Project Manager-Marketing & Sales
The Cyber Express
Augustin Kurian
The Cyber Express
Abhilash Varma
Founding Engineer
Mehul Chachada
Founding Engineer
Prince Sinha
Founding Engineer
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