SAMA Compliance with Cyble

While you focus on your core business, let Cyble take care of your compliance and help fortify your critical infrastructure from external threats.


Your reliable Cyber Threat Intelligence partner for SAMA Compliance

Cyble enables the Financial Sector and other organizations achieve the security standards encapsulated under the SAMA guidelines to accelerate their journey towards becoming fully SAMA-compliant entities for their Cyber Threat Intelligence.
Cyble provides multiple solutions such as Deep and Dark Web Monitoring, Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, Brand Protection, Social Media Monitoring, 3rd-Party Risk Scoring, Fraud Intelligence, Ransomware Data Leak Monitoring, VAPT Assessment and much more.
It’s time to leverage Cyble’s Threat Intelligence that offers complete SAMA compliance, all the while benefiting from our comprehensive, AI, ML, and HUMINT algorithm-based enterprise risk management modules and services.

Objectives of SAMA Framework

The SAMA Cyber Security Framework encapsulates best practices and guidelines that need to be implemented by enterprises to strengthen their cyber resilience posture and achieve a mature standard of Cyber Threat Intelligence to manage and combat emerging threats.


Standardize the approach towards addressing cybersecurity concerns among its members


Establish a uniform and mature level of cybersecurity controls

Risk Management

Ensure the timely and effective management of cybersecurity risks


Cyble's SAMA-Compliant Threat Detection & Cybercrime Mitigation

Cyble has integrated SAMA principles into its threat detection modules to enable clients to enhance their security controls and benefit from a successful SAMA-compliant cybersecurity strategy.
The SAMA framework complements Cyble’s Al-powered, advanced threat intelligence to empower users with the following capabilities:


Your 5-Stage SAMA compliance journey with Cyble


Why choose Cyble to make your organization SAMA Compliant?

Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) is one of the fastest growing regions in cyberspace, with several businesses embarking on their digital transformation and SAMA journeys. Its key role in the global economy also makes it a global flashpoint for notable cybersecurity incidents and acts of cyber warfare.
META is a key region for Cyble, with multiple clients, Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partners, and strategic stakeholders in the region. Cyble has established itself as a leading cybersecurity player. Since our entry into the region, we have led multiple firms in solidifying their cybersecurity footprint and building robust InfoSec frameworks in compliance with all regional and global standards.
In addition to serving as SAMA-compliance specialists to several enterprises, Cyble’s curated threat insights are currently adding value to clients across several industry verticals, aiding them in consistently upholding their security frontiers.

Want to get onboard?

Cyble empowers clients worldwide with a converged view of Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection Services, Darkweb, and Cybercrime Monitoring, aligned with SAMA principles. This approach ensures real-time alerts and actionable threat intelligence, helping clients understand and prioritize cyber risks while achieving total SAMA compliance.

Download our SAMA Checklist

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