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Sahil Sharma Fund

“Sahil will always be with us in our thoughts; his DNA is forever embedded in our corporate culture.”

May 2, 2021

Cyble lost one of its most able cybersecurity experts to the atrocities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sahil Sharma, Director- Research and Development, passed away after a long battle with COVID-19.

Having joined Cyble in its infancy, Sahil was a key pillar in the growth that Cyble has charted so far. His enthusiasm, keen interest in cybersecurity, and the willingness to help others are values that have been forever engraved in the fabric of our company. The standard he has set and the zeal for improvement that he always displayed will continue to play a defining role in Cyble’s journey in the years to come.


Helpful   .   Cheerful   .   Courageous   .    Genuine   .   Positive

This is how our team will always remember him.

Sahil Sharma Fund

To commemorate the memory of Sahil and honour his contributions, Cyble has partnered with an NGO to launch a Non-profit fund for underprivileged kids in India. Named after Sahil, the Sahil Sharma Fund (SSF) will be directed at supporting the higher technical education of underprivileged kids.


Sahil was just 29 when he left us. His untimely demise has left us all with a heavy heart and profound sorrow. We will forever cherish his memory and the immeasurable contributions he has left behind.

Amid the innumerable projects that were brought to shape by Sahil’s adept decision-making skills, a remarkable one, and especially one that is probably the most memorable is Sahil’s visit to the Parliament of India. In November 2020, the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the Personal Data Protection Bill had invited Cyble welcoming its views on the ibill. Marking one of the most defining moments in the history of Cyble, it was Sahil who was entrusted with representing the company in the Parliament of India. This not only proved his ability to take on challenges headlong, but also showcased his resolve in the face of adversity.

Prior to shouldering key responsibilities at Cyble, Sahil had more than 8 years’ experience in the field of Information Security and Risk Management. His previous roles include strategic positions at esteemed organizations. Before starting as an integral part of Cyble, Sahil has worked as an Assistant Manager (Internal Audit) at Paytm Payments Bank Limited. and Assistant Manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Private Limited.

"Sahil will always be with us in our thoughts; his DNA is forever embedded in our corporate culture. We will make him proud and take his legacy at Cyble to greater levels. Not only was Sahil an incredible cybersecurity expert, but also a gem of a human being. He has left a big hole in our hearts."

Beenu Arora

CEO and Founder

"Sahil has significantly contributed to shaping the early, more formative years of Cyble. Always ready to take on a new challenge, Sahil didn’t think twice before agreeing to represent Cyble at such a key conference. His untimely demise has left us with a heavy heart and deep sorrow."

Manish Chachada

CFO and Co-Founder

"He was an amazing person with a smile that could light up the world. Sahil was critical in Cyble’s evolution as an organization, and we are better people and a better company because of his contributions. We miss him dearly."

Richard Sands

General Manager – North America

"It is unfortunate that we have lost such a talented cybersecurity researcher. He established the attitude and zeal with which to undertake research initiatives, laying strong foundations for the entire team."

Dhanalakshmi Pk

Director – Malware and Intelligence Research

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