Social Media Monitoring

Fortify your Organization’s Social Media and Digital Risk Footprint Through OSINT

Leverage social media threat monitoring to safeguard your corporate brand assets from misuse or reputation-damaging activities across social networks, such as social media impersonation schemes, defamation, and counterfeit ads.

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Manage Your Organization’s Reputation Through OSINT

Mitigate Threats from Social Media
Real-time visibility into social media

Detect potential cyber and reputational threats across social media, blogs, and news forums.

Cybercrime intelligence
Detect Exposure of Supplier Credentials
Eliminate malicious brand abuse campaigns

Gain rich contextual information comprising clear risk scoring to fortify your digital risk footprint.

Validate threats heard on the grapevine
Beyond Social Media
Robust OSINT for Social Media Intelligence

Detect potential reputational threats in web e-commerce marketplaces and app stores.

We keep an eye on your brand's online mentions in real time