Cyble for Corporate Security

The rise of social and digital platforms has introduced a new dimension of risk to corporate security, known as the public attack surface. Threats can come in the form of physical threats posted on social media, attack planning on dark web forums, and phishing, account takeover, and impersonation attempts directed towards executives.
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Blurring of the distinction between physical and digital assaults.

Contextual Awareness

Rapidly detect pertinent real-world information, regardless of the source, whether it's an executive, a cyber criminal, or a physical aggressor, anywhere on the globe.

Modern security

Shields you against a novel form of danger present on public platforms such as social media, the surface web, deep web, and dark web.


Eliminate threats at their origin through removal across social media, emails, domains, paste websites, and other platforms.

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Cyble offers the intelligence, analysis and remediation InfoSec teams need to address a new era of threats. The advanced AI-powered Cyble Platform identifies text, image and video-based threats across the public attack surface.
Automated remediation ensures threats are addressed quickly, from spoofed domains to fake accounts. Our fully managed service ensures you are not inundated with indicators and your internal teams are able to focus elsewhere, knowing you’re protected.