Alleged Sensitive documents of NATO and TURKEY leaked: Case of Cyber Hacktivism or Cyber Espionage?

In today’s world, multiple categories of hackers have come into existence, such as – BlackHat, WhiteHat, GreyHat, State-sponsored, Hacktivists and others. While most of the categories of hackers have monetary or personal motivations, there are two categories with different motivational factors – State-sponsored and Hacktivists.

State-sponsored hackers – They are appointed by the government to gain confidential information from other countries to stay at the top or to avoid any kind of danger to the country

Hacktivist: It is a hacker or a group of anonymous hackers who gain unauthorized access to government’s computer files and networks for social or political cause. These are also called the online versions of the activists.

Recently, our researchers came across a post shared by Spectre123, where an unknown entity has allegedly leaked the sensitive documents of NATO and Havelsan (Turkish Military/defence manufacturer).

The leaked data contains multiple SoWs, contracts, proposals, 3d designs, resumes, excel sheets containing raw materials information, financial statements, and other sensitive documents.

Based on the message body of the leak, the cyber attack indicates hacktivism, but last year, around May 23, 2019, UK warned NATO allies of hacking activities of Russia -> Link. Also, in September 2020, it was reported that Russian hackers targeted government agencies in NATO member countries, and nations who cooperate with NATO -> Link. These events ensue an unsatisfying narrative – Is it really hacktivism or cyber espionage?

This story is developing and will be updated

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