Cyble for Technology Industry

The technology industry is susceptible to cyber attacks. These attacks cannot be thwarted by basic firewalls alone, and a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and examining the issue from an external perspective, is necessary.


Protect Against Data Leakage & Misconfigurations.

Exfiltration and IP Issues

Prevent the erosion of intellectual property and ensure the protection of confidential customer data from breaches.

Website Protection

Safeguard company websites by detecting and addressing impersonating domains, trademark violations, and impersonation attempts.


Eliminate threats at their origin through removal across social media, emails, domains, paste websites, and other platforms.

Assets Intelligence

Cyble Asset Intelligence specializes in identifying security vulnerabilities in various areas of a network. It conduct regular scans to look for any new or existing vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by attackers. By identifying and analyzing these vulnerabilities, Cyble Asset Intelligence helps organizations to better understand the risks they face and to take appropriate steps to protect themselves against potential cyber attacks.

IP Risk Scoring

The IP Risk Score generated by Cyble gives an indication of an IP address being linked to harmful activity, based on intelligence gathered from various IP threat sources.

New Ports Discovery

Cyble Asset Intelligence is capable of discovering new ports on a network, which are entry points for data transmission between devices.

SSL Expiry Alerts

Cyble helps organizations keep their websites secure against various cyber threats by constantly monitoring the expiration status of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates used on the website. SSL is a security protocol used to establish an encrypted link between a server and a client, typically a web browser.

Domain Expiry Alerts

By tracking the expiration date of domain registrations, Cyble Asset Intelligence helps organizations proactively renew their domain registrations before they expire, preventing any potential disruption to their online presence. This feature of Cyble Asset Intelligence helps organizations avoid any potential negative impact on their business and maintain the continuity of their online presence.

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