Cyber Threat Intelligence

The current landscape of security threats is extensive, intricate, and ever-changing, making it unrealistic to expect complete protection from all potential external threats. 

Cyble’s threat intelligence gives insight into the activities of potential attackers/ TAs, allowing you to determine, prioritize, and keep track of the threats that pose a risk to your organization.


Get a Complete and Actionable View of Your Threats with Cyber Threat Intelligence.


Our security team is provided with comprehensive intelligence for deep analysis through extensive data sets, which range from historical data specific to their needs to the latest findings from our dark web research conducted by our embedded agents.


Our exclusive intelligence sources offer incomparable insight into the malicious infrastructure and exploits, allowing us to identify and counteract attacks before they are executed, and to prioritize our security response efforts.


Our machine-to-machine connection to raw and frequently updated Cyble intelligence provides quick access to threat data, expediting decision-making and facilitating automated mitigation when time is of the essence.

Threat Library

Cyble provides a comprehensive and easily searchable platform for both structured and unstructured security information. The Threat Library makes it possible to effectively manage, categorize, and locate the security data you need, making it an invaluable resource for your security operations.

Botnet Detection

By using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, our botnet detection tools are able to continuously monitor network traffic and detect anomalies that could indicate the presence of botnet activity. This proactive approach to botnet detection helps to safeguard against potential threats, allowing our clients to proactively address security issues before they escalate. The combination of speed and accuracy in our botnet detection tools makes them an essential component of any security strategy aimed at preventing botnet attacks.

Malware & Ransomware Intelligence

Our tools allow you to monitor malware, adversaries, and their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that are used for breaching, escalating, stealing data, and extorting your organization. This enables you to track these threats with speed and efficiency, providing you with a better understanding of the potential risks and allowing you to take proactive measures to protect your assets.

How it Works?

Constructed Intelligence Sources for Defence Against Actual Threats.


We gather information from numerous sources including the Surface, Deep & Dark Web and covert communication channels, with millions of content sources.


By combining various data sources and adding context, our intelligence packages offer a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, enabling quick and informed decision-making


Cyble products integrate with security tools and allow for querying of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to correlate with threat alerts, uncover Personal Identifiable Information (PII) exposures, or gain insight into critical vulnerabilities and exploits.

Explore Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Cyber Threat Intelligence is the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about existing or potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities. It helps organizations understand and anticipate threats, making informed decisions about their cybersecurity.
CTI provides proactive insights about potential cyber threats, enabling organizations to preemptively defend against cyber attacks, prioritize vulnerabilities, and allocate resources more effectively.
Threat actors are individuals, groups, or entities responsible for incidents that impact security. They can range from individual hackers, organized crime groups, hacktivists, to nation-state actors.

IoCs are pieces of evidence, like specific malware signatures or IP addresses, that suggest a potential security breach.

The threat data and information contained in the Cyble Threat Intelligence Feeds enables you to determine the potential risk to your assets, employees, or network devices. By gaining exposure insight with contextual data, you can promptly take remedial actions such as restricting unauthorized access to accounts and devices.

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