Brand Intelligence

Stop Brand Impersonation and mitigate it through rapid takedowns. Neutralize business email compromise, address the exploitation of your brand in phishing schemes, and launch takedowns with rich context to your exposure.


Safeguard Your Digital Risk Perimeter from Online Brand Abuse


Expand security to cover your organization's online presence, which plays a crucial role in building brand image, attracting customers, selling products, and determining the success of your business.

Wide-Ranging Defence

Protect your brand reputation by ensuring that customers only interact with verified accounts and advertisements across all channels through a reliable and worldwide platform.

Automated Abilities

Reduce mean time to resolution using AI analysis, automated content removal, and user-friendly policies.

Fake Mobile Apps Detection

Cyble safeguards and maintains the value of your brand by identifying, analyzing, and consistently working to eliminate fraudulent mobile applications that negatively impact your company. With its comprehensive approach, Cyble ensures that your brand's reputation and value are protected against these threats.

Phishing Intelligence

Cyble's Phishing Intelligence provides security teams with the capability to recognize and respond to phishing attacks, including cross-platform campaigns, regardless of where your business operates. By giving security teams the ability to quickly identify phishing campaigns and take action to prevent them, Cyble's Phishing Intelligence helps to mitigate the risk of a data breach, intellectual property theft, or other serious security incidents.

Brand Mentions

Cyble continuously monitors all conversations and references related to your company or product across all relevant platforms, including the internet and social media, and provides real-time notifications. By staying up-to-date on all discussions and mentions, Cyble helps you stay informed and respond to any issues or concerns in a timely manner, ensuring that your brand's online presence remains positive and protected.

Brand Impersonation

Cybercriminals frequently create fake accounts using your brand's digital assets, making it a laborious task to find them manually. Cyble's service offers a fast and effective solution, enabling you to quickly identify these fake accounts and have them removed, thus protecting your brand's digital assets and reputation. Our service provides you with peace of mind and saves you valuable time by automating the process of discovering and removing fraudulent accounts.

Suspicious Domains

Cyble Suspicious Domain tool offers the ability to scan a website or domain for potential security threats or unusual behaviour. This tool allows you to proactively monitor and assess the safety of a website or domain, providing you with valuable insights into any potential risks and enabling you to take action to protect your organization's assets and reputation.

Subdomain Discovery

Cyble employs a combination of passive and active discovery methods to assist in the examination of subdomains associated with your target domain for various security testing initiatives. This integration provides a comprehensive approach to security testing, giving you a more complete picture of potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Website Monitoring

Cyble's Website Monitoring feature allows you to keep track of any changes or modifications made to the content of your website. This tool provides real-time notifications, ensuring that you are immediately aware of any updates or alterations to your website. Whether you're monitoring your website for content updates, security vulnerabilities, or other potential risks, Website Monitoring provides you with the information and visibility you need to protect your online assets and maintain the integrity of your brand.

Website Watermarking

Cyble's Website Watermarking feature enables the monitoring of website tampering or alteration, known as website defacement. This type of attack involves changing the visual appearance of a website or web page and can have significant impacts on a company's reputation and brand image. This feature provides real-time notifications in the event of a defacement, allowing organizations to quickly respond and take action to restore their website to its original state.

How it Works?

We guard your brand, so it stands tall for its reputation.


Stop Impersonators. Reduce the risk of digital fraud, brand abuse, and information theft.


Neutralize phishing sites and voice and
SMS-based phishing campaigns.


Bring down fraudulent websites that infringe copyrights and violate trademarks.


Detect and take down typosquatting, phishing, and intellectual property theft.

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Prevent unauthorized use of your brand by quickly removing any such instances. Secure your business email system from compromise, address instances where your brand is used in phishing attempts, and take action with detailed information about the situation to minimize any damage to your brand’s reputation.

Cyble offers comprehensive protection, monitoring, and analysis across a broad spectrum for brand intelligence. With constant scanning and monitoring, it guarantees that no critical alert goes unnoticed, thereby safeguarding your employees, products and business from potential threats. Cyble uses an AI-driven rules engine to effectively filter out noise and prioritize relevant threats, providing faster notification of potential dangers.

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