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The Dark Web comprises of various marketplaces that deal in emerging cyber threats. With the use of machine learning and natural language processing, Cyble can swiftly establish links between Dark Web sites and other threat sources. This enhances your ability to quickly recognize, analyze and manage the risks posed to your organization.


Utilize Dark Web Monitoring to Proactively Uncover Attacks and Discover Leaked Information Before they Cause Harm.

Dark Web Monitoring

Daily, millions of compromised user records, credit card numbers, intellectual property, and login credentials are added to the Dark Web by cybercriminals.

Threat Analysis

Threat actors utilize the Dark Web to plan and execute social engineering attacks against key individuals and executives in organizations.

Early breach detection

Early breach detection empowers security teams to minimize risk exposure, maintain physical security and minimize harm from attacks.

0 Bn+
Dark Web records per month
0 Bn+
Pages monitored per day
0 K+
Cybercrime sources monitored 24/7
0 Mn+
Compromised Cards detected each month
0 +
Apps monitored (Telegram etc,)
0 K+
Threat Actors monitored 24/7

Data Breaches Detection

Data from 300B+ Darkweb Records and 50B+ Threat Indicators covering over 90% of Cybercrime space to monitor 15B+ Pages daily with our patent-filed NLP and ML algorithms.

Early Alerts

Allow crucial time for your team to plan the most efficient methods of recovering assets or making them inaccessible before they fall into the hands of cybercriminals who could launch attack plans.

AI Risk Tagging

Our AI based risk severity tagging provides you the critical breaches ahead of time to make the information inaccessible.

Cybercrime Forum Mentions

Having access to Cybercrime forum mention, enables organizations to understand the context of cyberattacks, and receive alerts that can be acted upon promptly.

Compromised Cards Detection

Compromised Cards detection assists fraud prevention teams in detecting credit cards that have been compromised through illegal channels or data breaches, and in identifying merchants that pose a high risk of fraud before fraudulent transactions can take place or escalate.

Compromised Endpoints

Cyble provides you the access to compromised endpoints repository related to your organization, including leaked data, breached credentials.

Incident Response

Get a fast and effective response with the help of top industry experts, backed by the unique intelligence of Cyble, a globally accessible platform powered by AI.

Incident Investigation

On-Demand Investigations allow clients to direct projects handled by experienced analysts, resulting in finished intelligence reports, technical cybersecurity evaluations, threat assessments, research, and custom analytic projects designed specifically for the organization's needs.

How it Works?

Dark Web Monitoring to Proactively Detect Attacks Before they Occur.


Gather intelligence through scraping, API, manual collection, and other methods across a wide range of Deep and Dark Web sources including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, and Paste Sites.


Analyze thousands of posts using AI classifiers and advanced analysis models such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to uncover leaked data and detect relevant attack discussions.


Evaluate risks, vulnerabilities, and malicious exploitation related to executives, brands, customers, and vendors, with expert advice on enhancing security operations.


Deliver high-quality alerts, vetted by a Security Operations Center, of illegal sharing of customer information, login credentials, personal identification information, or any other fraudulent activity.

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Cyble Dark Web & Deep Web Monitoring protects businesses from data leakage, breaches and illegal data sales on various deep and dark web sites like TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, and Paste Sites. It detects the sharing of sensitive information like customer details, login credentials, passport numbers and personal identification information that can pose a threat to clients, employees, brand, and business. Cyble conducts continuous monitoring of deep and dark web channels to detect information leakage and provide context around cyberattacks, enabling teams to stay ahead of any potential threats

Cyble offers comprehensive protection, monitoring, and analysis across a broad spectrum of Deep and Dark Web sites, forums, and messaging platforms. With constant scanning and monitoring, it guarantees that no critical alert goes unnoticed, thereby safeguarding your employees, products and business from potential threats. Cyble uses an AI-driven rules engine to effectively filter out noise and prioritize relevant threats, providing faster notification of potential dangers.

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