Cyble for Financial Services

Financial fraud and social engineering scams are a growing threat to businesses and individuals alike. These types of scams use deceit and manipulation to steal money or sensitive information from unsuspecting victims.


Envision a World Where Online Banking for your Customers is Secure and Free from the Threat of Scams.

Fraud Protection

Maintain customer trust by identifying and combating financial fraud and crime on a large scale.

Scam Prevention

Eliminate phishing attempts and malware threats before they harm your business, customers, and employees.

Risk Management

Ensure adherence to company policies by all employees and executives through monitoring of internal and external communication platforms.

Compromised Cards Detection

Compromised Cards detection assists fraud prevention teams in detecting credit cards that have been compromised through illegal channels or data breaches, and in identifying merchants that pose a high risk of fraud before fraudulent transactions can take place or escalate

Suspicious Domains

Cyble Suspicious Domain tool offers the ability to scan a website or domain for potential security threats or unusual behaviour. This tool allows you to proactively monitor and assess the safety of a website or domain, providing you with valuable insights into any potential risks and enabling you to take action to protect your organization's assets and reputation.

Fake Mobile Apps Detection

Cyble safeguards and maintains the value of your brand by identifying, analyzing, and consistently working to eliminate fraudulent mobile applications that negatively impact your company. With its comprehensive approach, Cyble ensures that your brand's reputation and value are protected against these threats.

Phishing Intelligence

Cyble's Phishing Intelligence provides security teams with the capability to recognize and respond to phishing attacks, including cross-platform campaigns, regardless of where your business operates. By giving security teams the ability to quickly identify phishing campaigns and take action to prevent them, Cyble's Phishing Intelligence helps to mitigate the risk of a data breach, intellectual property theft, or other serious security incidents.

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Cyble combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to constantly monitor vast amounts of data, seeking out impersonation accounts, phishing domains, fraudulent apps, and potential breaches. Keeping up with the constantly evolving external cybersecurity landscape can be challenging, especially when factors are beyond your control beyond the workplace. Cyble offers the knowledge and in-depth analysis to identify threats and promptly request the removal of malicious and harmful content.

Cyble offers comprehensive protection, monitoring, and analysis across a broad spectrum for brand intelligence, data breaches, stolen credit card information and more. With constant scanning and monitoring, it guarantees that no critical alert goes unnoticed, thereby safeguarding your employees, products and business from potential threats. Cyble uses an AI-driven rules engine to effectively filter out noise and prioritize relevant threats, providing faster notification of potential dangers.

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