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In the healthcare industry, patients rightfully expect robust data security measures to protect their sensitive information. Criminals, driven by financial motives and seeking access to valuable data, exploit vulnerabilities by employing tactics such as creating fake social media accounts and rogue mobile applications to target vulnerable individuals.

To effectively counter these threats, Cyble employs a proactive strategy. This approach involves actively seeking out potential threats and vulnerabilities before they can cause harm


Safeguard Patient Health Information Across the Public Attack Surface.


Avert crucial data exfiltration and the dissemination of confidential information by recognizing breaches and promptly taking remedial measures.

Essential Transparency

Quickly transcend traditional network limits to detect data breaches, organizational threats, and targeted attacks more swiftly.

Automated Analysis

Utilize artificial intelligence and automation to minimize
time-consuming collection, evaluation, and correction.

Data Breaches Detection

Data from 300B+ Darkweb Records and 50B+ Threat Indicators covering over 90% of Cybercrime space to monitor 15B+ Pages daily with our patent-filed NLP and ML algorithms

Early Alerts

Allow crucial time for your team to plan the most efficient methods of recovering assets or making them inaccessible before they fall into the hands of cybercriminals who could launch attack plans.

AI Risk Tagging

Our AI based risk severity tagging provides you the critical breaches ahead of time to make the information inaccessible.

Cybercrime Forum Mentions

Having access to Cybercrime forum mention, enables organizations to understand the context of cyberattacks, and receive alerts that can be acted upon promptly.

Incident Response

Get a fast and effective response with the help of top industry experts, backed by the unique intelligence of Cyble, a globally accessible platform powered by AI.

Incident Investigation

On-Demand Investigations allow clients to direct projects handled by experienced analysts, resulting in finished intelligence reports, technical cybersecurity evaluations, threat assessments, research, and custom analytic projects designed specifically for the organization's needs.

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Manipulating individuals to obtain confidential information or penetrate critical systems has become a common occurrence. Currently, targeted cyberattacks are launched against vulnerable targets, including patients, healthcare providers, and personnel, through malicious mobile applications and on social media platforms. Social engineering tactics like phishing or spearphishing are the most prevalent security risks faced by the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical companies, is often targeted through exploiting vulnerabilities.

In the healthcare sector, it is crucial to encrypt all patient information. Employees, healthcare providers, and patients alike should never disclose confidential patient data through email or social media. It is also important for healthcare organizations to educate patients on how to access their patient portals safely and keep them informed of any potential scams or fake accounts. Moreover, implementing healthcare-specific cybersecurity solutions is often essential.

Cyble offers comprehensive protection, monitoring, and analysis across a broad spectrum for healthcare industry. With constant scanning and monitoring, it guarantees that no critical alert goes unnoticed, thereby safeguarding your employees, products and business from potential threats. Cyble uses an AI-driven rules engine to effectively filter out noise and prioritize relevant threats, providing faster notification of potential dangers.

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