August 31, Data Breach Alert

As many of our subscribers and readers aware, Cyble continually scans the internet for exposed systems and associate vulnerabilities.

Often when we scan the Internet, esepcially on the deepweb and darkweb cybcrime forums, we come across a variety of data breaches and database dumps from various companies and domains.

Typically when a high-profile breach is involved, Cyble makes a deliberate effort (with no obligations whatsoever) to contact the affected parties and provides intelligence as a good corporate citizen. However, there are a number of relatively low-profile companies or small business owners who get hacked, and often those hacks remain under the radar for a long time.

In January 2020, we decided that the community has the right to know if their information is exposed, and we will allow them to view it. Since January 2020, we have disclosed over 1000+ breaches every month. As you’d imagine, the volume of these breaches is mind-boggling.

One of the biggest pain points initially was “how do we inform” the admin – at such a scale, but at the same time, how do we ensure the affected users get to know about the risks at the earliest – especially when their credentials are exposed, and this could put them at great risk (as people often reuse the same passwords etc).

This is where Cyble’s Data Breach Monitoring and Notification platform “” comes handy, where subscribers can assess their exposure for free. But then how do inform the admins, the automated email service didn’t work (over 70% of admins didn’t respond at all) – hence we decided, to post them on the blogs so they could view or learn if they are affected. This may not be the best approach, and we are open to suggestions.

This week’s list is below:

The data has been indexed at as well.

In total, 205+ websites are affected, and over 4 million accounts are at risk.

About Cyble

Cyble is an Atlanta, US-based, global premium cyber-security firm with tools and capabilities to provide near real-time cyber intelligence. The company is focused on de-hashing cyber threats at upstream.  

This monitoring and notification platform gives the average consumer insights into their personal cybersecurity issues, allowing them to take action then as needed. It has recently earned accolades from Forbes as being the top 20 cyber-security companies to watch in 2020. 

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