Avaddon Ransomware Allegedly Breached Lornho, a UK-based Conglomerate

There has been a notable spike in ransomware activities in 2020, and this trend is expected to continue for at least for a few years down the line. At Cyble, we perform continuous monitoring of dark web activities to unearth cyber threats and make sure that the targeted organizations are well informed and protected proactively.

In a recent sweep of the dark web, our researchers discovered that recently the threat actor Avaddon has issued a warning to Lonrho, a London based diversified investor involved in multiple business sectors in Africa. The company has total assets worth £ 328.5 Million as of 2013. The image below showcases the threat of data leaks that the conglomerate has received from Avaddon.

Allegedly, Avaddon has threatened to release the data around 15th October 2020 in the event that Lonrho fails to contact and cooperate with the attacker. No ransom demand has been specified yet.

 The image below clearly indicates that the data in possession of the threat actor is about 74.5GB saved within a folder named ‘Finance’.

Data breaches have become a common cyber-crime in the present days. Threats of data leaks are received by organizations of all sizes.  This makes it of the utmost importance for organizations to have secure data protection measures in place, in addition to having data breach solutions to avoid the stealing and misuse of sensitive data. In a situation such as this, is it ok to pay ransom to the threat actor? The answer is a resounding ‘NO!’ because the payment of a ransom to cyber threat actors still comes with a degree of inherent risks such as data being leaked despite ransom payment and this also increases the chances of the hacker attacking again and demanding ransom. However, despite these challenges involved, deploying solutions that neutralize the effects of data breaches is the need of the hour!

Here are a few ways to prevent cyber-attacks:

  • Never click on unverified/unidentified links
  • Do not open untrusted email attachments
  • Only download media from sites you trust
  • Never use unfamiliar USBs
  • Use security software and keep it updated
  • Backup your data periodically
  • Keep passwords unique and unpredictable
  • Keep Software and Systems up to date
  • Train employees on Cyber Security
  • Set up Firewall for your internet
  • Secure your Wi-Fi
  • Protect files with a password.
  • Take a Cyber Security assessment
  • Update passwords regularly

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