Prynt Stealer Spotted In the Wild

The stealer is new on the cybercrime forums and can steal financial data using a clipper and keylogging operations.


Dissecting Blackguard Info Stealer

Cyble Research Labs analyzes the Blackguard Info Stealer, which currently has an extremely sophisticated variant out in the wild.


GodFather Malware Under the Lens

Cyble takes a look at the GodFather Android malware variant that has recently been targeting European banking users.


Ongoing Russia-Ukraine Warfare: Significant Cyber-Incidents

New RURansom Wiper Targets Russia In recent days a new wiper targeting Russia, RURansom, is initially identified by the researchers of MalwareHunterTeam.  The wiper’s developers named it RURansom. However, in contrast to the name, the malware is categorized as a wiper because encrypted files cannot be decrypted and permanently corrupt the encrypted files. Researchers at …

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