Cyble_Q4 2021 Ransomware Report Blog Post

Cyble Research Labs – Q4 2021 Ransomware Report

2021 was a busy year for Ransomware groups. Cyble Research Labs routinely observes, analyzes and tracks the activities of major ransomware groups. Ransomware attacks have continued to see a rise in both frequency and sophistication.

This report covers critical ransomware statistics and trends, major attacks, common Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) observed in Q4-2021. The quarter also saw the emergence of five new ransomware groups, a few of which may have been formed by former members/operators belonging to older ransomware groups. As per our analysis, if these attacks continue along with the current trend, 2022 might witness a significant increase in ransomware attacks as compared to 2021.

Download the report here.

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