DXP Enterprises allegedly breached by REVIL RANSOMWARE OPERATORS

There are more than 15 ransomware operators in the market that are targeting businesses no matter their size or revenue. These operators demand large ransom for sharing the decryption key which many organizations have to oblige to keep their business running. Recently, Bleeping Computer shared in their article as how one of the ransomware groups have earned $25 million within 5 months.

REvil operators have recently claimed in their blog site to be in possession of confidential files of DXP Enterprises.

DXP is a publicly traded professional distribution management company that provides products and services to a variety of industries through its Innovative Pumping Solutions (IPS), Supply Chain Services and MROP Products and Services. As per Zoominfo and DNB, DXPE has an annual revenue of more than $1 Billion

REvil has shared multiple screenshots as proofs to support their claim. These screenshots have folders listing, PST files of multiple employees, Service reports, Purchase reports and other confidential data.

Along with the files mentioned above, files containing name and addresses of customers, accounts payable, audit sheets/reports, and other critical information have been shared.

Is Paying Ransom Worthwhile? No! While Cyble themselves does offer “Ransomware Negotiation-as-a-Service”, it still comes with some level of inherent risks such as data being leaked despite ransom payment.

Tips on how to prevent ransomware attacks

(1) Never click on unverified/unidentified links
(2) Do not open untrusted email attachments
(3) Only download from sites you trust
(4) Never use unfamiliar USBs
(5) Use security software and keep it updated
(6) Backup your data periodically
(7) Isolate the infected system from the network
(8) Use mail server content scanning and filtering

About Cyble

Cyble is an Atlanta, US-based, global premium cyber-security firm with tools and capabilities to provide near real-time cyber intelligence. The company is focused on de-hashing cyber threats at upstream.  

This monitoring and notification platform gives the average consumer insights into their personal cybersecurity issues, allowing them to take action then as needed. It has recently earned accolades from Forbes as being the top 20 cyber-security companies to watch in 2020. 

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