Parliamentary Committee On The Personal Data Bill Invites Cyble

Atlanta, United States; Bengaluru, Karnataka & Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: The 30-member Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) is expected to submit its recommendations to the Parliament before the start of the next session of the House. The committee invited Cyble for discussion on the bill.

The PDP Bill, 2019, was introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 2019 and sought to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to the collection and processing of their personal data. It was also focused on creating a framework for organizational and technical measures in the processing of data.

Threats in relation to data security are on the rise, especially due to innovative business models and technologies. Presently, most business models require personal identifiable information (PII) of its users/subscribers to function efficiently. Millions of subscribers provide their PII to avail these services. While some of the information is necessary to be collected, Cyble believes that there is a growing need for establishing an effective security framework built around such groundbreaking business models.

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