Another Big Robbery by Cybercrime Group

On one side the entire world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and on the other side, cybercrime groups are taking advantage of this situation for expanding their black-box operations. Recently, a well-known cybercrime group Florentine Banker Grouplaunched an advanced business email compromise (BEC) attacks on Israeli and UK financial firms which led the cybercrime group to steal around $1.3 million in just four separate transactions. The security reports state that the Florentine Banker Group stole the email credentials of the employees and remained hidden for around two months before stealing a bulk of the amount from their targets. This cybercrime group acted in a really smart way to execute the cyberattack. They simply launched a phishing campaign against the executives of the target company, which had the authorization to execute money transactions. Once the attackers got the email credentials of the credentials, then they isolated their target by starting the man-in-the-middleattack and carried on all the conversations as per their way. Overall, it was a well-planned cyberattack operation against their target companies.

Looking at all this, protecting themselves from these kinds of cyberattacks should be taken as the top organization concern by the organization’s executives. To help organizations to tackle this on-going period of stress, Cyble not only provides service of accessing the largest data breach monitoring search engine but also provides the services which include enabling faster detection of cyber threats via Cyble Vision and providing clear visibility to third-party cyber threats and risks via their Third-Party Cyber Risk Intelligence Platform. In accordance with these types of cyberattacks, recently the Cyble Research Unit (CRU) identified Tax2efile, a US-based Tax E-filing service being suffered from a major data breach which led to the exposure of more than 39,600 Social Security Numbers (SSNs). Just like this, CRU keeps a regular track of the on-going cyberattacks around the globe and assist the organization to defend themselves from such cyberattacks and improve their system’s security to prevent themselves from landing into such situations.

The Planned Attack By Florentine Hacker Group

About Cyble:

Cyble Inc.’s mission is to provide organizations with a real-time view of their supply chain cyber threats and risks. Their SaaS-based solution powered by machine learning and human analysis provides organizations’ insights to cyber threats introduced by suppliers and enables them to respond to them faster and more efficiently.

Cyble strives to be a reliable partner/facilitator to its clients allowing them with unprecedented security scoring of suppliers through cyber intelligence sourced from open and closed channels such as OSINT, the dark web and deep web monitoring and passive scanning of internet presence. Furthermore, the intelligence clubbed with machine learning capabilities fused with human analysis also allows clients to gain real-time cyber threat intel and help build better and stronger resilience to cyber breaches


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