Russia – Ukraine Cyberwarfare: A Review of the ongoing Conflict in Cyberspace

For several months, the world watched with growing anxiety as tensions between Russia and Ukraine kept rising. Troops were deployed to borders; international sanctions were passed, warnings were issued as the world watched the current conflict in Ukraine play out. What they did not know, however, was that even before February 22, 2022, the war had already begun.

While tanks, jets, and soldiers are a significant part of the conflict that has now turned into open warfare, another war has been raging for quite some time now. We are talking about Cyberwarfare. Well before the commencement of open hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, state actors on both sides of the conflict had been targeting the other side’s critical infrastructure, ICS, and Defense sectors.

In today’s globalized economy, no entity is immune to the ripple effect of conflicts of this scale. The modern technology used in this conflict has raised serious concerns for global companies, particularly those in sensitive and technology-based industries. This technological dependence has increased the risks of cyberattacks on not just multi-national corporations but also small businesses. This report covers the critical chain of cyber tactics and techniques that were a part of the conflict between the two nations.

Download the report here.

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