Indian Wedding Planning Website, WedMeGood, Breached. 1.34 Million Accounts Leaked in Darkweb

Advanced ways of prevention of data breaches and effective risk management strategies are crucial tools that organizations must have in place. In addition, victims of data breaches need to act fast in order to better combat the consequences of the unethical release of secure or private information to untrusted parties.

Recently, WedMeGood, an Indian wedding planning website became victim to a data breach. This Gurgaon-based company founded in 2014 brings together users looking for wedding services to market vendors that offer these services. The website and app enable users to easily browse through extensive details of vendors, including reviews, pricing, and contact information, etc.

Cyble was tipped off the leak through a Russian-speaking forum. The leak contains a database portion; with the table name ‘member’. The size of the clear text file is ~500MB, containing close to 1.34 Million user data. More specifically, this includes Email IDs, password hashes, contact numbers, and activity records, among others. Cyble has informed the management team of the leak who are working towards a disclosure process.

The listed data leaked indicates the activity log dated from 2015-04-27 till 2020-09-03. The image below showcases the extract from the leak, emails, and other sensitive data.

People who are concerned about their information exposure can register on Cyble’s data breach monitoring and notification platform,, to ascertain the risks. Also, Android users (Link) and iOS users (Link) can gain full access to it just by downloading the mobile application.

Here are a few ways to prevent cyber-attacks:

  • Never click on unverified/unidentified links
  • Do not open untrusted email attachments
  • Only download media from sites you trust
  • Never use unfamiliar USBs
  • Use security software and keep it updated
  • Backup your data periodically
  • Keep passwords unique and unpredictable
  • Keep Software and Systems up to date
  • Train employees on Cyber Security
  • Set up Firewall for your internet
  • Take a Cyber Security assessment
  • Update passwords regularly

About Cyble

Cyble is a global threat intelligence SaaS provider that helps enterprises protect themselves from cybercrimes and exposure in the darkweb. Cyble’s prime focus is to provide organizations with real-time visibility into their digital risk footprint. Backed by Y Combinator as part of the 2021 winter cohort, Cyble has also been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 20 Best Cybersecurity Startups To Watch In 2020. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, and with offices in Australia, Singapore, and India, Cyble has a global presence. To learn more about Cyble, visit    

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