NetWalker Ransomware Operators Targets City of Weiz – Data Leak

Once again, the NetWalker ransomware operators trap a big fish in their net. In this instance, they targeted the City of Weiz and leaked their confidential data online.

Weiz is the economic heart of the entire region. In the center of the Austrian electrical industry, with the successor companies of the former ELIN UNION – Siemens AG Austria Transformers Weiz, Andritz HYDRO and ELIN Motoren – as well as the international Knill Group, there are also several large companies of the automotive supply group MAGNA as well as construction companies such as LIEB-Bau-Weiz and Strobl Construction settled. The energy innovation center WEIZ, which now consists of four houses, forms an additional business platform for innovative companies, for educational institutions and for start-ups, but also for important Styrian research institutions such as Joanneum Research with the Institute MATERIALS or Human Research. The role of Weiz as the largest and most important school and apprenticeship location in the region of Eastern Styria deserves special mention. More than 3,000 pupils from different school types and around 600 apprentices visit their educational and training facilities here every day. Training-oriented adults have extensive offers for advanced vocational training or part-time studies. As the district capital, Weiz provides the entire district with important offices, institutions and authorities. Efficient commercial businesses as well as a large number of customer-oriented service and retail businesses as well as modern health facilities ensure that the city has developed into a shopping and service center that is known far beyond the region in recent decades.In the field of art and culture, Weiz focuses on well-known issues that go far beyond the city limits with municipal, but above all international, art and culture events. The Weberhaus cultural center and the Weizer Kunsthaus offer a modern, architecturally attractive and technically professional setting for concerts, theater and exhibitions. 

Below is the message posted by the NetWalker ransomware operators on their online blog-:

The Cyble Research Team has identified the data leak. Currently, the ransomware operators have leaked a sample of the data leak and It seems that if the organisation does make an agreement with the ransomware operators, then their sensitive data would be leaked online within a couple of days. Below are the snapshots of a sample of data leak of the city of Weiz.

About Cyble:

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