Our capabilities will help you fortify your business with actionable cyber intelligence.

With increasing online activity and expanding digital footprint, the overall digital attack surface of an organization extends exponentially.

Our capabilities help you manage this cyber risk better.

Darkweb Monitoring
Visibility of exposure on the Darkweb

Receive actionable intelligence on compromised credentials, personal information and data breaches.

Cybercrime intelligence
Cybercrime Intelligence
Dismantle threats before they attack

Make informed security decisions based on evidence-based knowledge on threat actors and their capabilities.

Attack Surface Management
Identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure

Mitigate weaknesses based on their priority and risk score.

Brand Reputation Monitoring
Empowering you yo protect your brand

Manage reputational risks through 360° visibility of digital platforms.

Third Party Suppliers Scoring
Gain visibility into threats from third-party eco-system

Accurately gauge the risk posed by third parties as potential threat vectors.

Fraud Intelligence
Continuous monitoring for fraud detection

Gain intelligence of underground markets that facilitate identity theft and other cybercrime activities.

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