Cyble – Your go-to Cyber Threat Intelligence partner for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s SAMA Cyber Threat Intelligence Principles

Why is SAMA Cyber Security Framework Necessary?

The past decade has seen every industry worldwide undergo varying degrees of digital transformation, particularly the Global Financial Sector. This has not gone unnoticed by cybercriminals. As we have observed, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations that have not appropriately secured their cybersecurity footprint are far more susceptible to cyberattacks

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) Cyber Security Framework is a ground-breaking initiative created for exactly this purpose; to act as a set of guidelines to help member organizations within the financial sector regulated by SAMA secure their assets, critical information, and public-facing services.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made it a top priority to appropriately secure financial transactions, private data, and the availability of critical services from cyberattacks.

To achieve this, SAMA has outlined Cyber Threat Intelligence Principles within the subdomain- “Threat Management” of the SAMA Cyber Security Framework to improve the CTI practices for financial sector member organizations regulated by them.

The “Threat Management subdomain” covers 19 key CTI Principles spread across 4 categories:

  • Core Cyber Threat intelligence
  • Strategic Threat Intelligence
  • Operational Threat Intelligence
  • Technical and Tactical Cyber Intelligence.

Cyble is the right choice for SAMA CTI Principles

Cyble’s timely cyber threat intelligence has helped secure online brands, VIP executives, and 400+ Million Digital Assets from the entire cybercrime spectrum. Our clients include multinationals worldwide, banking and financial institutions, governmental entities, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

What Cyber Threat Intelligence powered by Cyble looks like:

Cyble is an ISO ISO 27001:2013 compliant firm, which has helped us work with several Financial, Government, Law Enforcement, and Regulatory bodies worldwide. This has improved our ability to assist our partners and clients in building compliant Cyber Threat Intelligence frameworks and ecosystems in their respective regions.

  1. Cyble’s Consulting Services are aligned with Core Cyber–Threat Intelligence Principles and can assist organizations with the implementation of roles and responsibilities, defining the member organizations’ threat intelligence requirements, and validated threat intelligence sources (OSINT, TECHINT, SOCMINT, HUMINT, Deep web, and Dark web intelligence). Standard Operating procedures are then clearly laid for intelligence classification, storage, and sharing to build a comprehensive Cyber Threat intelligence solution.
  2. Cyble is a thought leader in Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence, and our in-house developed threat intelligence feed is extremely well received globally. Most recently, Cyble announced that it had been added as a credible source to the list of key contributors to VirusTotal’s risk analysis. This is a direct result of the in-depth research and analyses we publish routinely via our Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs tailored threat assessment advisories, reports, and whitepapers detailing the cyber threat landscape, identifying every cyber-attack scenario, the vector, TTPs of the Threat Actor, and more.
  3. With deep insight into the Cyber Crime ecosystem and a background in strategic and military intelligence as well as cyber security operations for global conglomerates, our Cyber Threat Researchers continuously monitor cybercrime marketplaces and forums and the clear net for emerging threats and vulnerabilities that may be pertinent for our clients and the community at large. Cyble is uniquely positioned to truly operationalize Cyber Threat Intelligence for organizations rather than just informing or notifying them about an impending threat.
  4. Cyble threat intelligence advisories and reports include extensive commentary about Threat Actor profiles as well as their TTPs (MITRE ATT&CK), malware, and tools used during the attack to finally correlate it with the defined Cyber security Attack Kill chain and also include risks and recommendations for responding or remediating a threat or an incident.
  5. Combining our team of experienced cybersecurity researchers and our AI-powered Threat Intelligence platform ensures that SAMA member organizations have a seamless Technical and Tactical Cyber Threat Intelligence capability receiving constant, actionable Threat Intelligence regarding IoCs, newly discovered vulnerabilities, and Zero Days as we encounter them across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web.

Why is Cyble the right Cyber Threat Intelligence partner for SAMA-regulated financial sector member organizations?

We understand the nuances and challenges of operating in the middle east region and ensure that all our clients and partners achieve the same level of compliance and clarity. Through our clients, MSSP partners, and other regional stakeholders, Cyble has established itself as a key emerging player in the Middle East.

Our platform Cyble vision backed by industry leading Cyber Threat Intelligence analysts in the Cyble Research Labs team ensures round-the-clock monitoring for your firm, executives, and any online assets across the surface, Deep and Dark Web.

Our signature capabilities already have built-in controls that align with SAMA CTI principles and other similar regulatory frameworks. Foremost amongst these are:

  • Darkweb and Cybercrime Monitoring – Continuous Darkweb, Cybercrime monitoring, and Ransomware data leak monitoring and Threat Actor profiling backed by an experienced team at Cyble Research Labs.
  • Attack Surface Management – Threat Hunting-based Discovery and pre-breach notifications about any forecasted compromised infrastructure belonging to your organization, as well as actionable external intelligence on any threats to your organization.
  • Brand Reputation and Social Media Monitoring – Brand Protection and Monitoring to efficiently manage reputational risks to your firm by identifying and taking down malicious content across websites, domains, applications, and, most importantly, social media.
  • Fraud Detection – Cyble highlights markets that facilitate illegal activities such as identity theft and selling illegally sourced credit card credentials. Threat Actor chatter and mentions of your organization on the Deep and Dark Web that indicate a potential attack on your organization are closely monitored round-the-clock to ensure your business is always secure.
  • Third-Party Risk Scoring – Cyble’s end goal is to ensure that your entire ecosystem is secured. To achieve this, we empower you with insights into your vendors’, suppliers’, and Third-Party partners’ cybersecurity risk posture.
  • Law-Enforcement-focused Intelligence – Given the scale and scope of cybersecurity attacks and the increase in acts of cyber warfare, we offer a dedicated security module for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Want to see how we illuminate your threat landscape?

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