Nefilim Ransomware Operators Publishes the Data Leak Part 2 of Arteris SA, a Brazilian Billion Dollar Company in the Highway Concession Sector

Update as of 06/29/2020: The Netfilim Ransomware operators release data leak part 4 (around 9GB) of the company-:

Update as of 05/31/2020: The Netfilim Ransomware operators release data leak part 3 (around 12GB) of the company-:

Once again, the Nefilim  ransomware operators leaked sensitive and confidential files of the Arteris. Earlier to this, they published the data leak part 1 of the company on 23 April 2020, which was been verified by the Cyble Research Team.

Arteris S.A. was found in the year 1998 and is one of the largest Brazilian billion-dollar company which operates in the highway concession sector. The company operates tolls and provides maintenance to roads and highways in Brazil. The company’s operations are been widely spread and have around 3.4 thousand kilometers in their operation. As per their website, they manage highways located in the states of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, and Parana, the most important economic and industrial axis in the country. Over that, they also own four state concessionaires that operate in the interior of Sao Paulo: Autovias, Centrovias, Intervias, and ViaPaulista.

Once again, the Cyble Research Team has verified the data leak of around 7 GB. Based on this data leak it seems that once again the company refused to accept the terms of the ransomware operators. Due to the refusal, the ransomware operators chose to leak the second part of the data. Below is the message been posted by Nefilim  ransomware operators-:

The data leak includes a large lot of highly confidential documents of the company such as Arteris Corporate affairs documents, Qualified Investor Statements, Images of logos trademarks, and many more. Below is the snapshot of few files from the directory listing being leaked by the Nefilim  ransomware operators.

It is expected that more data leaks of Arteris SA may be published soon if no action is been taken by the company.

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