Netfilim Ransomware Operators Publishes the Data Leak Part 3 of MAS Holdings, South Asia’s Largest Manufacturer of Lingerie

For the consecutive third time, Netfilim ransomware operators publishes data leak of MAS Holdings. Earlier to this, they published the data leak part 1 and part 2 of the company, which were verified and been reported by the Cyble Research Team.  

MAS Holdings is South Asia’s largest manufacturer of lingerie. MAS Holdings began as an intimate apparel manufacturer and later diversified into sportswear, performance wear, and swimwear. MAS Holdings has 53 manufacturing facilities in 17 countries employing over 93,000 people globally. The company has design and development hubs in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Colombo. Its customers include Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Lululemon, and PVH. The company manufactures apparel accessories and fabric and also provides services beyond apparel manufacturing. MAS Holdings’ current portfolio encompasses businesses in IT, brands, and industrial parks. The company reported revenue of USD 2Billion in 2018 and has over 99,000 employees.

As claimed before by the Cyble Research Team, the Netfilim ransomware operators leaked the third part of the company’s data. Based on this data leak it seems that once again the company refused to accept the terms of the ransomware operators. Due to the refusal, the ransomware operators chose to leak the third part of the data. Below is the message been posted by Netfilim ransomware operators-:

The Cyble researchers have verified the leak of around 3GB. The data leak includes multiple confidential corporate documents such as employee training reports, sensitive meeting reports, customer details, and many more. Below is the snapshot of few files from the directory listing being leaked by the Nefilim ransomware operators.

It is expected that more data leaks of MAS holdings may be published soon, if no action is been taken by the company.

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