New Laplas Clipper Distributed via SmokeLoader

Spiking Clipper Infection Targeting Cryptocurrency Users

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) has continuously monitored malware campaigns that distribute different malware families, such as stealer, clipper, and ransomware.

Recently, CRIL observed a malware strain known as SmokeLoader, which carries popular malware family samples such as SystemBC and Raccoon Stealer 2.0, along with a new clipper malware dubbed Laplas Clipper that targets cryptocurrency users.

Through our research, we have identified more than 180 different samples related to the clipper malware in the last two weeks, indicating that the malware has been widely deployed in recent weeks. Our intelligence indicates that the incidents of Laplas Clipper infection are on the rise, as shown below.

Figure 1 – Rise of Laplas Clipper malware


SmokeLoader is primarily a loader; its intended purpose is to download and load other malware into the victim’s system.

Generally, the SmokeLoader is either distributed via malicious documents such as Word/PDF documents, sent through spam emails, or targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Upon execution of SmokeLoader, it injects malicious code into the “explorer.exe” process and starts its malicious activity. Then, it downloads additional malware from the following URLs.

  • hxxp[:]//45.83.122[.]33/admin/wevtutil[.]exe – SystemBC RAT
  • hxxp[:]//45.83.122[.]33/admin/Microsoft.AppV.AppVClientWmi[.]exe – RecordBreaker (Raccoon Stealer 2.0)
  • hxxp[:]//45.83.122[.]33/admin/avicap32[.]exe – Laplas Clipper

The below figure shows the network information of SmokeLoader downloading additional malware into the victim’s system.

Figure 2 – Smoke Loader downloads additional malware


SystemBC is a Proxy and Remote Administrative Tool (RAT) first seen in 2019. Various Threat Actors (TAs) have used this Proxy malware for the last few years. While it was recently distributed via SmokeLoader, this malware has increasingly been used in various ransomware attacks in the past.

After successful infection, the TAs can control the victim’s machine to perform malicious activities such as stealing Windows usernames, volume serial numbers, downloading additional payloads, etc. It also acts as Proxy Bot, allowing the TAs to hide the IP when performing malicious activity.

RecordBreaker (Raccoon Stealer 2.0)

In June 2022, a new edition of the Raccoon Stealer was discovered in the wild by security researchers. Initially, the malware was named “Recordbreaker” but was later identified as a revived version of Raccoon stealer.

Raccoon Stealer is a type of malware that steals various data such as stored browser credentials and information, credit cards, cryptocurrency wallets, email data, and several other types of sensitive data from different applications from a victim’s computer.

The operator of Racoon Stealer “Mark Sokolovky” had been arrested in March by Dutch authorities and was charged for his suspected role in conspiring to operate the Infostealer as a malware-as-a-service. While Dutch authorities arrested the suspect, the FBI and law enforcement partners in the Netherlands and Italy dismantled Raccoon Infostealer’s infrastructure and took down the malware’s existing version offline. The FBI has set up a website where people can verify whether they may have been a victim of a Racoon attack:

Laplas Clipper

Clipper is a family of malicious programs that targets cryptocurrency users. This malware hijacks a cryptocurrency transaction by swapping a victim’s wallet address with the wallet address owned by TAs. When a user tries to make a payment from their cryptocurrency account, it redirects the transaction to TAs account instead of their original recipient. Clipper malware performs this swap by monitoring the clipboard of the victim’s system, where copied data is stored. Whenever the user copies data, the clipper verifies if the clipboard data contains any cryptocurrency wallet addresses. If found, the malware replaces it with the TAs wallet address, resulting in the victim’s financial loss.

Laplas is new clipper malware that generates a wallet address similar to the victim’s wallet address. The victim will not notice the difference in the address, which significantly increases the chances of successful clipper activity.

The figure below shows the TA’s Laplas Clipper advertisement on a cybercrime forum with feature details.

Figure 3 – Laplas Clipper advertisement used by TA on the dark web forum

The clipper can support wallets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Ripple, ZCash, Dash, Ronin, Tron, and Steam Trade URL. The Laplas Clipper is priced as shown below:

  • $29 / 1 Sunday
  • $59 / 1 month
  • $159 / 3 months
  • $299 / 6 months
  • $549 / 1 year

In this report, Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) conducts a deep analysis of the new Laplas Clipper malware to understand its behavior and capability.

Technical Details

The clipper sample Sha256: e5bc55ce98909742d2f1353b3bc8749ecc71206a5b8fa2e656d2a3ae186c1e63 was taken for analysis. The sample is compiled using VB.NET and protected by VMProtect.

Figure 4 – Static File Information

Upon execution, the malware loaded a new module named “build.exe” in memory which performs the clipper activities. Initially, the module (“build.exe”) creates a mutex to ensure that only one instance of malware runs on the victim’s system at any given time. The below figure shows the new module loaded in memory and mutex creation in the main function.

Figure 5 – New Clipper module loaded in memory and mutex creation

After that, the clipper creates a copy of itself into %appdata% location and adds task schedular entry for persistence (executes every 1 min for a duration of 416 days) by using the following command line:

  • “cmd.exe /C schtasks /create /tn \\{0} /tr \”{1}\” /st 00:00 /du 9999:59 /sc once /ri 1 /f”

Figure 6 – Task scheduler entry

Then, the malware initially downloads the regex pattern, monitors the user’s clipboard activity, and validates if the clipboard contains any cryptocurrency address using the downloaded regex pattern. If the clipper identifies any wallet address in the clipboard data, then it downloads a similar TA’s wallet address to the remote server by using the following functions:

  • GetRegEx()
  • SetOnline()
  • GetAddress()


The malware uses GetRegex() function to get all the regex patterns from the C&C server. This function calls SendRequest() function internally, which forms the below URL that downloads the regex pattern to identify the victim’s cryptocurrency wallet address.

  • “hxxp[:]//clipper[.]guru/bot/regex?key=afc950a4a18fd71c9d7be4c460e4cb77d0bcf29a49d097e4e739c17c332c3a34”

The below figure shows the code snippet used to get the regex pattern from the remote server.

Figure 7 – Regex pattern downloaded from C&C server

The below table shows the details of targeted cryptocurrencies and their regular expressions.

Crypto CurrenciesRegular Expression
Bitcoin (BTC)(?:(1[a-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{25,59}) (3[a-zA-HJ-NP-Z0-9]{25,59}) (bc1[a-zA-HJ-NP-Z0-9]{25,59})
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)(1[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{25,34}) (3[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{25,34}) (q[a-z0-9]{41}) (p[a-z0-9]{41})
Litecoin (LTC)(L[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{26,33}) (M[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{26,33}) (3[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{26,33}) (ltc1q[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{26,33})
Ethereum (ETH)(0x[a-fA-F0-9]{40})
Dogecoin (DOGE)(D{1}[5-9A-HJ-NP-U]{1}[1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{32})
Monero (XMR)(4[0-9AB][1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{93}) (8[0-9AB][1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{93})
Ripple (XRP)(r[0-9a-zA-Z]{24,34})
Zcash (ZEC)(t1[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{33})
Dash (DASH)(X[1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{33})
Ronin (RON)(ronin:[a-fA-F0-9]{40})
Tron (TRX)(T[A-Za-z1-9]{33})
Steam Trade URL(http[s]*:\/\/\/tradeoffer\/new\/\?partner=([0-9]+)&token=([a-zA-Z0-9]+))
Tezos (XTZ)(tz[1-3][1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{33})
Cardano (ADA)(addr1[a-z0-9]+)
Cosmos (ATOM)(cosmos1[a-z0-9]{38})
Qtum (QTUM)(Q[a-zA-Z0-9]+))


The malware calls the SetOnline() function and confirms the victim is online by connecting to the below URL, which contains the system guide and API key.

  • “hxxp[:]//clipper[.]guru/bot/online?guid=DESKTOP-[Redacted] &key=afc950a4a18fd71c9d7be4c460e4cb77d0bcf29a49d097e4e739c17c332c3a34”


The malware uses the GetAddress() function, which forms the below URL with the victim’s wallet address and API key. The malware then connects to the formed URL to download similar TAs cryptocurrency wallet addresses from the remote server.

  • “hxxp[:]//clipper[.]guru/bot/get?address=0x5B28638188D7D9be3cAfE4EB72D978a909a70466&key=afc950a4a18fd71c9d7be4c460e4cb77d0bcf29a49d097e4e739c17c332c3a34”

The below figure shows the code snippet used to get the TAs wallet address from the server.

Figure 8 – TAs wallet address download from server

After downloading the TAs wallet address, the clipper replaces it with the victim’s wallet address using the Clipboard.SetText() method as shown below.

Figure 9 – Replacing Clipboard value with TA’s wallet address

The clipper actively monitors the victim’s clipboard activity and replaces the wallet address whenever it identifies if the victim tries to copy any wallet addresses for performing cryptocurrency transactions. This results in redirecting the transaction to TAs wallet address.

Laplas Clipper Web Panel:

Here are some screenshots that showcase the web panel of the Laplas Clipper.

The login page of Laplas Clipper is shown below.

Figure 10 – Laplas Clipper C&C panel login page

The figure below shows the Dashboard page of the Laplas clipper web panel from TAs telegram channel, which demonstrates the status of infected computers and active TAs wallet address details.

Figure 11 – Laplas C&C panel dashboard

The TAs can also add their wallet address in the Clipper menu to replace the victim’s wallet Address with the TA’s wallet address, as shown below.

Figure 12 – TAs wallet address page in C&C panel


Smoke Loader is a well-known, highly configurable, effective malware that TAs are actively renovating. It is a modular malware, indicating it can get new execution instructions from C&C servers and download additional malware for expanded functionality. In this case, the TAs use three different malware families for financial gain and other malicious purposes.

The RecordBreaker, a revived version of Raccoon Stealer, is used to steal sensitive information, the SystemBC is a multifunctional threat combining proxy and remote access trojan features, and the new Laplas clipper performs clipboard hijacking to steal cryptocurrency from victims.

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs will continue monitoring the latest phishing or malware strains in the wild and update blogs with actionable intelligence to protect users from such notorious attacks.

Our Recommendations

  • The initial infection happens via spam email, so the enterprise should use email-based security to detect phishing emails. Also, refrain from opening untrusted links and email attachments without first verifying their authenticity.
  • The actual loader downloads other malware families, so using a reputed antivirus is recommended on connected devices, including PCs and laptops. The security software should have the latest security updates to detect new malware families such as Laplas Clipper.
  • The users should carefully check their wallet addresses before making any cryptocurrency transaction to ensure there is no change when copying and pasting the actual wallet addresses.
  • The seeds for wallets should be stored safely and encrypted on any devices.
  • Educate employees in terms of protecting themselves from threats like phishing’s/untrusted URLs.
  • Block URLs that could spread the malware, e.g., Torrent/Warez. 

MITRE ATT&CK® Techniques

TacticTechnique IDTechnique Name
User Execution Exploitation for Client Execution
PersistenceT1053Scheduled Task/Job
Privilege EscalationT1055
Process Injection DLL Side-Loading
Defense EvasionT1027
Software Packing
Disable or Modify Tools Virtualization/Sandbox Evasion Masquerading File Deletion Hidden Files and Directories
Process Discovery System Information Discovery Security Software Discovery
Command and ControlT1071
Application Layer Protocol Ingress Tool Transfer Non-Standard Port

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

825a7c6d1b4adfe2b1cc7b29199f5033 1edcdc6899fe0aad0b953dee9f3660da0e052699 f4a57ad535ec4b0c7c1b3fbd9a116e451a392ee3f1e5e8b7a5ee0b05141208ccMD5 SHA1 Sha256SmokeLoader
ef0692e35a6d55aff3814ebe4e40fc231a24873e 19b7183a3eed215c98ce35ac4168917345ef97c104b0c5a7ea43919f094a3bc3
MD5 SHA1 Sha256SystemBC RAT
ed586dd2973f3126ff07950dacbd484643de06f7 de0eb9f1d712ec2c91fea05e26fb01a019cadcc8beb4ad6d2f4a0b4db2cfbfaf
MD5 SHA1 Sha256RecordBreaker
MD5 SHA1 Sha256Laplas Clipper
hxxp[:]//45.83.122[.]33/admin/wevtutil[.]exeURLMalware distribution URL
hxxp[:]//45.83.122[.]33/admin/Microsoft.AppV.AppVClientWmi[.]exeURLMalware distribution URL
hxxp[:]//45.83.122[.]33/admin/avicap32[.]exeURLMalware distribution URL
hxxp[:]//clipper[.]guru/bot/online?guid=DESKTOP-[Redacted] &key=afc950a4a18fd71c9d7be4c460e4cb77d0bcf29a49d097e4e739c17c332c3a34URLC&C
25d746af48d645f521157bce0201c89a ce1a8753cfa6a3201ec14c2e2d6c2c3c fad177ef62684282355546f19952cf15 b59bae8f31cf49096a7e222372dddb02 18a0b8dbec69e8243451d8ab2baf08b8 1d8d26a2473b7a1a178ae6711e651428 1aee575e4c0166891589c665ab4284f8 c8f500d04cd278f3f116d738c283af5e fedfd00548c257f71035c9e04839cef0 76de4b33764b404503fb5bab6a722f46 e6b35376651ce442e0698346f0f24640 fb3d52a6dde88e25961373716c4d2e86 994a559d0d0992c9eb8db2812c790303 78e7172569b6cd4b0896e45598d705ed 92837369abac7478c5d98fd3dc02e4a0 d7098fc31fc30167397595f2a5364354 5818ffa75608143954014237b0db17c8 587c8d8ed424ce27fa4b402e53cb4083 688b75eb9297938aeea80fe48634f8bc 40d6d8aed45ad02b8f95738a61b673df db73e5eda0520179f7cd126201b3c48e 8df24d58771ddd234e501d829878c4c9 e153d073305e9c81f159790d5974c33c 3bcf293da9ead23f641eae7688f47989 3cdef8225b0872b89c4a3eb677b44499 915fd1cdb69bf18d1f73549f6d5fd7c7 de8b56260476fecd8291eb7db21958fb feb528729ffd2e59166f5063edbd2fdc e40c2f168946f7194fdcf14984b18dbd 7bb6e8906a0daedb5a872be9bf9efc15 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related to Laplas Clipper

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