OpIsrael Al-Aqsa Mosque Hacktivism

Al-Aqsa Mosque incident Ignites #OpIsrael

CRIL analyzes the Hacktivist group OpIsrael’s targeting of ICS devices in Israel in the wake of recent violence at the Al-Aqsa mosque.


Echoes of Cyberwarfare

Cyble analyzes the constantly evolving TTPs of Hacktivist groups, their objectives, targets, and mode of operation.

AL TOUFAN Team targets Israel & Bahrain

ALTOUFAN TEAM Targets the Middle East

Cyble analyzes recent Threat Actor activity targeting Bahraini & Israeli sites, protesting normalization of diplomatic relations.


A Closer look at BlackMagic ransomware

Cyble Analyzes BlackMagic, a ransomware strain disrupting Israel’s Transportation and Logistics industries.

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