Cyble Co-Founders Beenu Arora and Manish Chachada

Our Journey so far and plans for an evolving market

After a US $10M Series A Round led by Blackbird Ventures, with participation from Spider Capital, January Capital, Cendana Capital, and VentureSouq

Cyble started out more as a concept than a concrete product or service idea. When we met in business school and began to discuss the venture, the goal was always clear – democratizing visibility into the darkweb.

The darkweb is (rightfully) seen as the wild west of the internet. No rules, anything goes, scary people are out there trying to compromise you or your organization. With the rising amount of high-profile cybersecurity incidents targeting individuals, organizations, and even entire governments, we knew that the Darkweb was where we needed to apply ourselves.

We thought that if we could pull away the blinds on the darkweb and give our customers curated, actionable insight into the threats they face, it would go a long way in empowering them from a cybersecurity perspective.

This became the seed for what would go on to become Cyble.

 Manish Chachada (COO) and Beenu Arora (CEO) in 2019.

As we prepared to enter the cybersecurity market, we realized that we didn’t want to be just another cybersecurity services provider. We wanted to empower organizations to fortify and scale their cybersecurity posture based on actionable intelligence on the ever-evolving threat landscape.

We were fortunate to have the guidance and support of several friends, mentors, and backers who supported our vision and believed in the promise of Cyble and what it could be someday. We could not have reached this major milestone without them.

Murali Darapureddy – one of our first angel investors

Now that we were crystal clear and in sync on what we wanted to bring to the market, we came to the most important stage in any start-up’s journey – hiring the best possible people.

To this end, we started the hunt for some of the best minds in the industry across all our roles and functions. After careful evaluation and many candidates, we ended up with the first batch of Cyblers at some point in 2020 (pictured below).

First Batch of Cyblers ready to take on the world

Starting a business during a global pandemic comes with its own unique set of challenges. Thankfully, our growing team of Cyblers from across the world took to the task effortlessly, building out our core offerings, establishing our presence in strategic locations, and ensuring our research was always accurate, timely, and actionable.

However, we weren’t the only ones trying to adapt to a WFH setup. Throughout the pandemic, we observed an exponential increase in cybercrime and darkweb activity from malicious actors who wanted to exploit the increased Risk Footprint that firms developed as they switched to a WFH model.

At Cyble, we’ve always believed that a broad digital footprint should not be a liability to your firm from a cybersecurity standpoint. Our offerings were thus tailored to ensure that our customers had access to real-time data across the darkweb, deepweb, and surface web to mitigate their digital risk.

We were deeply honored to have our research, achievements, and milestones publicly recognized by the cybersecurity community and several major publications routinely – a trend that continues even today.

Cyble Wall of Fame – Some of our recent Accolades

Perhaps, even more gratifying for us as founders was to see how Cyble is rapidly being seen as a thought leader for all things Cybersecurity. Our public-facing research blogs, press releases, and content on emerging threats, best practices, and developments in cyberspace have been extremely well received across various webinars, forums, and industry conferences.

In the closing months of 2021, Cyble had already become a trusted brand in the market. Our capabilities in the fields of Darkweb Monitoring, Attack Surface Management, Third-party Risk scoring, and Brand reputation monitoring were being recognized across the industry in various parts of the world.

To supplement this already impressive roster of capabilities, we also launched Cyble Hawk – our dedicated platform to assist Law Enforcement and Government entities on various threats and national security risks found by Cyble Research labs.

But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep

 – Robert Frost

As leaders, it is only natural to take stock of where we are now in our journey as a company and keep asking ourselves a crucial question – “What next?”

With our extremely successful Series A funding round, Cyble now has the resources and bandwidth to:

  • Penetrate new markets and entrench ourselves more firmly in the existing markets
  • Supplement Cyble Research Lab’s already impressive capabilities with even more AI/ML to improve our offerings
  • Scale our offerings to meet evolving market needs and a constantly shifting threat landscape
Cyblers 2019 – 2022

We started Cyble with an idea, a hope, a dream. Today that dream is realized, but we are far from done. As more and more Cyblers join us from across the world, we know that this is just the beginning of our journey, and we are honored that you could be part of it in some way.

– Beenu and Manish

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